Permit Information

Although comparatively few permits are necessary for filming in New Mexico, permits are required for production on federal, state-owned, and tribal properties and lands. Permits are also often required for production on city properties, especially historical sites, and public streets, as well as for special use of county roads and state highways.

*Companies considering shooting on federal property must connect with the proper federal contact.

Location Permits

  • The New Mexico Film Office does not issue filming permits. 
  • Film permitting is generally handled by the city/town/county where you're filming.
    For permit questions specific to a location, please get in touch with the nearest film liaison.
  • State-owned properties:  
    Please contact the NMFO at 505-476-5600 or via email at

Railroad Right of Entry and Permitting 

Please get in touch with the NMDOT Rail Bureau | NMDOT via email with any inquiries or questions about potential encroachment on railroad property. 

If you are within 100 feet of a railroad or between a fence/property marker and a railroad, you may be trespassing in the railroad right-of-way and can conflict with railroad operations which can create a serious safety hazard for the railroad and film production. This includes production at NM Rail Runner Express stations and Amtrak Stations. 

Filming activities may be interrupted if you fail to obtain written permission from the railroad owner to enter its property. In New Mexico, the three most prominent railroad property owners are BNSF Railway, Union Pacific Railroad, and the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT). 

The railroad will or may require the following: 
A detailed description of the proposed use of the railroad property, Execution of a Railroad Property Temporary Occupancy Agreement to enter the railroad property, and a subsequent Railroad Right-of-Way Temporary Access Work Permit. All staff that will enter the railroad right-of-way completing the railroad’s Roadway Worker Protection training and obtaining a railroad safety certification before entering railroad property Insurance protecting the railroad as defined in the Temporary Occupancy Agreement Establish and pay for railroad flagging protection while on railroad property

      American Humane Association

      If you are using animals in your project, contact the American Humane Association.

      Film and Television Unit
      11530 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604
      818-501-0123, Fax: 818-501-8725

      Fire & Explosives Regulations/Contacts

      State Fire Marshall
      Santa Fe Office: 800-244-6702

      State Film Liaisons